Timing System

 The Agimet Timing System is designed for Agility competition events. The control unit has a wireless connection to the other parts of the system. USB-connector can be used to attach a compatible USB-power source for recharging.

 This system includes a PC-software that can be used to provide a public display by connecting a TV to the computer. The application provides the running time for the current competitor, 5 latest results and the position of the latest finish line crosser in the results.

 While the system measures time in milliseconds (0,001 s), the rounded result is shown as hundredths of a second. The timing / calculation is done using a syncronized pair of ports.

 Agimet Timing Systems control unit shows the status of the equipment, order of the ports and battery status. Also, the two latest measured times are visible. This means that the results can be recorded as the next competitor is already running. The backlights of the control buttons tell what controls have a function in the current system state.

 Fast and fluent flow of the competition event is essential. This is why we've focused in making the setup of the ports so easy: The setup is ready when the ports are approximately visually aligned. Tilt angle can be several degrees and a maximum width of 3 meters is allowed. The system is up and running in less than 10 minutes.

 A battery pack has a teoretical running time of 24 hours with one charging. The included mains power adapter for battery charging can be used even if the system is running. A single pole weighs 3 kg and a battery pack weight is 5 kg. The picture beside features a shockproof battery pack that's part of the delivery and can be attached to a pole.

 A bright light on a pole shows when it's correctly aligned and ready to use. A signal from the control unit will sound when software and radiolink are all operational.