Mini A-Frame

 This practice obstacle is a smaller version of the Agimet Competition A-Frame designed and manufactured to the highest quality specification. The obstacle body consists of an all aluminium frame with our unique rubber granule coating that has received lots of positive feedback from the customers. This obstacle features outstanding stability while being still easy to move around (45kg).

 The top hinge solution is equal to the FCI-regulation scale full A-Frame and the obstacle frame contains an integrated storage bracket for the included detachable centerstand. With help of these innovations the storage space needed for the Mini A-Frame is just sixteen centimeters thick (height/depth being 90*180).

 The height of this downscaled A-Frame is 1,1 meters, resulting in 2/3 of the competition height. The width is 90 centimeters and length in use position is 2,8 meters.