Stall fence elements

 Stall fence elements are customizable and they're manufactured according to customer's specification. Fence design and manufacturing benefits from Agimet's long experience in machining aluminium. With extensive experience of manufacturing aluminium obstacles to harsh conditions Agimet has designed a range of durable, yet easy to move fence elements. The fence material is 6000-series aluminium with high corrosion resistance and no need for additional surface treatment.

 Outdoor stall elements are best attached to fence posts while indoor elements can be customized for floor or wall mounting.

 The featured elements in this page are lamb stall parts intended to be used as an indoor pen. The length of each element is 3,5 meters and height is 1,15 meters. These dimensions result in weight of 18 kilograms for the basic fence element while feeding element for 4 sheeps weighs just 21 kilograms.