Mini Dog Walk

 The solid but lightweight construction and good transferability make this Agimet Mini Dog Walk the best choice for even the smallest training grounds. The full aluminium body is manufactured to the competition specification. We recommend the choice of Agimet rubber granule coating to as the most durable and comfortable and easy to care coating. We've managed to keep the weight of this obstacle in 40 kilograms that is just half of the weight of the full-size version.

 This obstacle features Agimet super safe quick-lock ramp fasteners that make sure the ramps are attached tight with a minimal gap even if the ground isn't completely flat. Quick-lock ramps are also fast and easy to attach and release also when operated by one user.

 The obstacle is a downscaled version (2/3) of the competition Dog Walk by height (60cm) and section lengths (2,35m). However, for safety reasons the width (30cm) is equal to the competition model.