Our customers have told that this is "The stable seesaw with good mobility." It also meets FCI-specs just as everything we provide for professional agility use. This version is the fixed height competition model.

 The steel base of the Agimet Seesaw has a hammerite coating and automatic wheels for easy mobility. Aluminium is used as a material for the actual seesaw. This way we've maximized both stability and weight.

 The surface material can be selected between a durable and easy-care rubber granule coating (see pictures) and the also durable carpet. Seesaw is equipped with ball bearing and adjustable counter weight that enables adjustment of the descent speed.

 The Agimet Seesaw includes a three-way shock absorber for enhanced control of the descent. This enables full control of the seesaw movements and allows user to fully eliminate the risk of harsh stops.

 With careful material selection we've made this obstacle rugged but still light enough for one trainer to move. The design is targeted to eliminate any risks of falling etc. that might arise in fast paced competition evironment.
 The total weight of the professional seesaw is just 35 kilograms.