Weave Poles

 Use of spring steel as material for the obstacle base makes these weave poles to keep their form for decades. The material remembers the straight line form and returns back after normal bending during carrying and transport. The base is made of two sections so it's easy to set up. This obstacle can easily handle the speed of the most furious competition.

 The connecting piece in the middle is free of edges and gaps to minimize the risk of injuries. The design also makes it easy to set up parts in a correct line as the joint is locked using a sticks locking sleeve.

There are two versions of this obstacle available. The basic version has 32mm wooden sticks while the Pro-version has those sticks equipped with sleeves to avoid any difficulty in setup due to swelling of the wood.

 Regardless of the version the obstacle weight is 40 kilograms. The base is made of 8 x 50 millimeter spring steel and comes with a spare locking sleeve and a spare stick.