IPO A-Frame

 This Agimet IPO A-Frame features the same innovations as other A-Frames by Agimet. It's safe for the dogs and meets regulations for the sport. Trainers are pleased of the simple use and the optional transport mechanism shown in the video below. With the all aluminium construction this obstacle features a durable rubber coating. The aforementioned optional wheel kit is available in hard and soft terrain versions.


 The top constructions is the same as in agility competition A-Frame, providing additional safety as the gap is very small.


 The rubber coating developed by the Agimet is both durable and friendly to the dog paws.


 When the IPO A-Frame needs to be transported, the halves can be folded together to make a board just 15 centimeters thick. If equipped with wheels, the lower end will be slightly thicker.


 Please see a video demonstration using this link:  Video