Height Adjustable Dog Walk

 Manufactured and designed to the highest Agimet standards, this easy to use Dog Walk is stable in all height configurations. As this obstacle meets FCI regulations, it can be used not only in training but also in official competitions. Agimet Adjustable Dog Walk is quickly configured to heights of 0 cm, 60 cm, 90 cm and to the official competition height of 1,21 meters. The praised integrated additional support arms make intermediate height settings quick and solid, while the removable support arms for the ramps provide even more stability in challenging surfaces. The innovative height adjustment mechanism and the ramp joints familiar from other obstacles allow fast and safe configuration.

 It's possible to combine the Adjustable Dog Walk with all ascending and descending ramps by Agimet, making it an excellent contact trainer for fast paced training. Combine this Walk with Agimet Detector Obstacles for fastest development of skills.

 The Adjustable Dog Walk requires a storage space of 3,7*0,6*0,35 meters. The obstacle weights about 70 kilograms.