The Agimet Jump has wings made of stainless steel and durability for decades. The wing weight is about 3,5 kilograms.

 All Agimet jumps in production are equipped with enhanced safety crossbar brackets and rails. Rails feature die cut height labels. Height can be set in 5 cm steps in 5 to 70 cm range.

 The force limit design of the crossbar bracket allows the crossbar to fall vertically, even without any horizontal movement. The bracket contains no sharp edges or tips, thus eliminating the risk of incised wounds.

 Brackets and rails are also available as separate products intended to be attached to wooden obstacles. Rails are made of stainless steel using laser cutting technology. Crossbar bracket is a combination of a stainless steel fastener and a detachable plastic support.

 Videos demonstrating the safety features of the Agimet safe crossbar bracket are available at the Agimet's facebook profile.

 Naturally, Agimet Jump meets FCI-regulations.

Rail and the safe crossbar bracket: