Safety tyre

 Agimet safety tyre raises tyre / ring safety to a new level. This obstacle is a year 2018 arrival still featuring stability, durability and usability of the conventional Agimet splitting (aka breakable) ring. By careful design and several innovations we've been able to reduce obstacle weight by 4 kilograms (16kg -> 12kg). Most importantly, the safety features of this obstacle beat anything seen on the market before.

 The splitting ring component is padded. Ring colors can be picked from blue, red, yellow, green, black and white. Redesigned height adjustment preserves the ring height when it splits.

 The vertical chains used to adjust ring height implement a kind of crash protection system. Whenever a notable hit takes place, the chain is unleashed from the bottom fixture.

 The feet that form horizontal base can be removed for transport just as in the conventional Agimet tyre obstacle.

 Please see a demonstration video at Agimet Facebook-homepage.