About the company

 The story of agimet dates back to the early 2000s, when Agility became a major hobby for my wife. As I followed the otherwise rewarding sport of Agility, I couldn't push away the thought of redesigning the obstacles. I just had to make those items more mobile and more safe.

 The local Agility Club was of great help as we started to develop the contact obstacles. At this phase making Agility obstacles was an avocation and let us test and implement ideas and further develop my skills in aluminium welding and forging.

 The first competition event was at midsummer celebration event at Rokua, Finland. The three day race had attracted an exceptional amount of competitors. The audience and participants were largely impressed of the new design and the unprecedented practicality of the obstacles, we heared.

 In no time requests and inquiries started to arrive. More and more enthusiasts asked for details and soon Agility Clubs started to make orders. Trade name Agimet was registered in the autumn and the story of Agimet as a company began. Years later Agimet was converted to Agimet Limited in 2013 as the operations had grown significantly.

 Agimet has kept its mission from the very beginning of the company: We are proud to manufacture the Agility obstacles that are the highest quality combination of safety, durability and ease of use. While the design has evolved and new features have been included, the guiding input has always been the feedback from the Agility enthusiasts around the world. We couldn't be more grateful.

 Today Agimet offers a wide range of Agility obstacles beginning from home yard practice equipment all the way to the complete competition track solutions, including timing, intelligent obstacles and more. By the way, from the intelligent range of Agility obstacles, the Dog Walk is now available for orders as a separate item.

 In Finland we have about two hundred Agility Clubs that currently use Agimet Agility Obstacles and the number is growing. We're expanding internationally as customers in many countries including Sweden, Norway, Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Italy have selected premium quality obstacles by Agimet.

 We've also made available a range of products for other dog training activities and equipment for some other recreational activities.

 I wish to thank you, our amazing customers and partners for the co-operation so far. I believe together we'll innovate the future of Agility.

 Jari Sirviö / Agimet Ltd. 17.8.2014